Organic beet and cane sugar

We offer:

- Complete trucks of up to 24 tons,
- Part loads of 3-12 tons,
- Whole pallets of 900 kg or 1000 kg
- Partial pallets from 200 kg to 800 kg by freight dispatch or by combined shipment

- Amounts of up to 175 kg as a parcel per 25 kg bag
(ONLY beet sugar limited on request)

Offer 2019:


- Currently no delivery possible -



For inquiries and orders please send an e-mail to the following address:
We speak English, German



Imkerei in Worin

Gewerbehof 1

(Nähe: Alt Rosenthaler Weg 3b)

15306 Vierlinden Worin

Tel: 0171-9150552

(Ansgar Westerhoff)



Ansgar Westerhoff
Dürrstr. 5
37083 Göttingen

Tel: 01719150552